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Billings Spring Festival Beer Lineup Announced

Tickets to The Montana Brewers Association Spring Festival in Billings Montana are now available for purchase! Enjoy  71 Beers from 22 Montana Breweries Save $5 when your purchase your tickets online & up front! Avoid the lines and catch first sip with our VIP status! CLICK HERE To Purchase Your Tickets Now!  4pm VIP Entry $30 […]

Billings Spring Brewfest April 25th in Metra Park

Cheers to our Newest Members

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Raise Your Glasses in Thanks Please Welcome Our New Members   March 2014 Please Welcome Our New Breweries   Beaverhead Brewing Co. New Brewery Member Opening Spring 2014 218 S. Montana St. Dillon, Montana Beaverhead Brewing Co on Facebook Cabinet Mountain... Read More

Read an article about Montana brewing written by the President of the Brewers Association

MBA Executive Director Tony Herbert alongside Charlie Papazian on our MBA 2013 Cruise
Many of us had the distinct pleasure of meeting Charlie Papazian in his travels through Montana this summer. We wanted to share this article with you, written by Charlie, from the most recent New Brewer Magazine. It's a great read. Charlie... Read More

Study Taps Growing Impact of Craft Brewing on Montana’s Economy

Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 3.40.57 PM
Oct. 30, 2012  STUDY: CRAFT BREWING HAS GROWING IMPACT ON MONTANA’S ECONOMY  MISSOULA – Montana’s 33 craft brewers represent a growing sector of manufacturing activity in the state, according to a new survey and economic impact study by researchers Colin... Read More

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