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Missoulian Supports Shift in Tap Room Hours

Posted On January 17, 2011

According to an online petition from the Montana Brewers Association, “(S)hifting Montana brewery tap room serving hours to noon-10 p.m. makes sense because it:

• Shifts, but does not increase, tap room serving hours.

• Meets the expectations of Montanans and the visiting public and tourists.

• Provides for growth in the use of Montana-grown agricultural products.

• Creates jobs at Montana breweries.

• Enables reinvestment in brewing capacity at Montana breweries.

• Lifts unneeded restrictions that inhibit industry growth.

• Supports free enterprise concepts in the marketplace.

• Better fits with many Montana worker’s schedules, who work past 7 or 8 p.m.

• Aligns better with other regional state’s laws, which have no hours restrictions.

• Helps Montana small businesses grow jobs and make investments.

• Supports a viable, growing, and responsible industry in the state.

• Aligns with winery laws, which have no serving hours restrictions.”

See the editorial in the Missoulian supporting the shift in tap room hours.

Montana Brewers Association Highlighted in Delta Sky Magazine

Posted On January 6, 2011

Delta Sky Magazine’s January issue features articles about Montana and Montanans.  A great series on our state, and the Montana Brewers Association and our strong brewing industry and culture is highlighted in the series.  Pick one up if your flying Delta anytime soon,  Click here to go to the articles.

Growlers: The New Old Way to Tote Your Beer

Posted On December 2, 2010

Growlers — 64-ounce glass vessels that look like a moonshine jug — have become the beer accessory of the moment. And the jugs, filled at taps in bars and stores, are not just the toys of the bearded, flannel-shirt, beer-geek set.   Read full New Your Times article.

Revenue Department Prohibits Taverns from Filling Growlers

Posted On November 16, 2010

It isn’t a common practice, but for many years, a small number of Montana taverns with all-beverage licenses have been filling growlers, just like brewers do. Neither tavern owners nor their patrons have thought much about the practice because the common perception was that all-beverage licenses allow taverns to sell all kinds of liquor, not just beer, for on premises or off premises consumption. And nobody’s ox was being gored; tavern owners, brewers and beer drinkers all seemed to be okay with the practice.


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