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SB 202 Tabled in Committee with a 10-1 vote.

Posted On February 18, 2011

The senate bill to change brewery hours had a good hearing but was tabled in committee. For more information on the hearing click here.

Montana Brewery Wins Cole’s Barleywine Competition

Posted On February 15, 2011

The winner of the Sixth Annual Cole’s Barleywine Competition was Frostbite Barley Wine, created by Madison River Brewing Company of Belgrade, Montana.

The competition, which is put together and promoted by the Brewing News, took place at Cole’s in Buffalo on Saturday, February 12, 2011. This year’s competition featured 23 Barleywine’s from around the country. Past results, as well as a list of the other competitors, can be seen at here.

The Brewing News is comprised of seven regional beer newspapers, including the Rocky Mountain Brewing News, which covers Montana breweries.

Cole’s Barleywine Contest Results:

1st Place ~ Madison River Brewing – Frostbite Barley Wine
2nd Place ~ The Brew Kettle Production Works Jack Hammer
3rd Place ~ Boston Beer Company – Mile High Barleywine

Honorable Mention:
4th Place ~ Boundary Bay – 15 Anniversary Ale

SB202: Shift in Tap Room Serving Hours

Posted On February 2, 2011


The hearing for SB202 is now scheduled for Thursday, February 17th in the Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs Committee. This committee usually meets at 9 am in room 412.

key points about this bill:

  • Brewers will still be limited to 48 ounces per person per day, and are not asking to increase this limitation. Only 3 pints. If they want more, they must go elsewhere.
  • Meets the expectations of Montanans and better fits visiting public and tourist’s schedule
  • Aligns with neighboring and regional state laws, which have no hours restrictions
  • Aligns with Montana wineries laws, which have no serving hours restrictions
  • Provides for growth in the use of Montana grown agricultural products. Montana brewers use over 5,000,000 pounds of grain in their beer, approximately half of which is grown in Montana.
  • Will create jobs at Montana breweries in serving staff and brewery staff
  • Will create new investments and increase production at breweries on which excise and income taxes are paid

Now is the right time for you to send a message to the committee members on this bill. If interested, the committee members are:

Chair: Joe Balyeat (R-Bozeman) [email protected]
Vice Chair: Verdell Jackson (R-Kalispell) [email protected]
Carmine Mowbray (R-Polson) [email protected]
Tom Facey (D-Missoula) [email protected]
Eric Moore (R-Miles City) [email protected]
Donald Steinbeisser (R-Sidney) [email protected]
Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (D-Crow Agency) [email protected]
Mitch Tropila (D-Great Falls) [email protected]
Bruce Tutvedt (R-Kalispell) [email protected]
Gene Vuckovich (D-Anaconda) [email protected]
Jonathan Windy Boy (D-Box Elder) [email protected]

Missoulian Supports Shift in Tap Room Hours

Posted On January 17, 2011

According to an online petition from the Montana Brewers Association, “(S)hifting Montana brewery tap room serving hours to noon-10 p.m. makes sense because it:

• Shifts, but does not increase, tap room serving hours.

• Meets the expectations of Montanans and the visiting public and tourists.

• Provides for growth in the use of Montana-grown agricultural products.

• Creates jobs at Montana breweries.

• Enables reinvestment in brewing capacity at Montana breweries.

• Lifts unneeded restrictions that inhibit industry growth.

• Supports free enterprise concepts in the marketplace.

• Better fits with many Montana worker’s schedules, who work past 7 or 8 p.m.

• Aligns better with other regional state’s laws, which have no hours restrictions.

• Helps Montana small businesses grow jobs and make investments.

• Supports a viable, growing, and responsible industry in the state.

• Aligns with winery laws, which have no serving hours restrictions.”

See the editorial in the Missoulian supporting the shift in tap room hours.

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