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Grandstand Sportswear and Glassware

Website: Grand Stand logo
Phone Number: 785-843-8888 or 800-767-8951
Address: 3840 Greenway Circle
Lawrence, KS 66046

Grandstand Sportswear and Glassware has been providing high-quality, custom sportswear and glassware since 1988.

Custom printed glasses from Grandstand is the perfect way to personalize your beer glass. Start your own custom clothing line while branding your establishment. Don't miss an opportunity to promote your establishment. Promotional Items from Grandstand offer a new and unique way to brand your business.

For Assistance Contact:

Christine Fleek
National Sales Manager
Grandstand Sportswear & Glassware
785-312-5087 (direct line)

Dan Cook
West Regional Sales Manager
Direct line:  785-312-5082