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Bridger Malt House

108 Bridger Center Drive

Suite C

Bozeman, MT 59715

The Bridger Malt House story has its roots firmly in the soil and craft beers of the Gallatin Valley.

Bozemanites Scott & Valerie Wilson and Tom & Lisa Griffin had long wanted to start a local, community-centered business that could help support the Gallatin Valley grain growers and the craft brewers. They determined that a true craft malt house was an unmet need, and their Bridger Malt House was born in 2017. Malting locally grown barley, Bridger Malt House produces base and specialty malts for the craft brewer.

Connecting the Community…

The Griffins and Wilsons wanted to ensure that Bridger Malt House served local agricultural communities…and Montana’s vibrant, local brewing & distilling communities …and the business community we live in!  Gallatin Valley barley growers had no direct access to local malting partners to sell their grain to for turning their hard-earned barley into malt. Bridger Malt House provides our Gallatin Valley growers the opportunity to see their production in the craft beers they themselves enjoy. Our craft breweries have been dependent upon many of the same industrial malts that large high production corporate brewers have utilized. Craft brewers deserve craft malts! Bridger Malt House provides our brewers high-quality malts that are from their agricultural community. Bridger Malt House’s goal is to link the local growers and brewers through their craft malts. “Farm-to-Tap” has become a reality in our valley! And consequently, the Bridger Malt House is dedicated to becoming a responsible member of the Bozeman business community.


Finally, the Wilsons and Griffins have a real love for craft beer, true Montana craftsmanship in all its forms, and the brewery culture that has become part of the fabric of our community. A craft malt house has a place in all three of these passions. The mission of Bridger Malt house is simple: Provide our Craft Brewers the finest, locally- grown Craft Malts in Montana! And by doing so, play a part in bringing true Farm-to-Tap beer to our Gallatin Valley friends and neighbors…Cheers!

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